The Secret Identity of A Superhero©

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Imagine how boring Superman would be if all he did was type at the speed of light, or Wonder Woman only having super strength without the powers of the magic lasso or the ability to fly in an invisible jet.  Watching them on television or reading about them in a  comic book inspired us to believe and accept that not only could our heroes do and be anything but we could as well.   As a young girl I recall spinning around in the living room as wonder woman and attempting to deflect objects and energies that attempted to harm me.  Then something happened; we stopped believing and trusting that like our superheros we could transcend our situations, circumstances and  experiences because we are equipped with a multiplicity of talents skills and abilities seen and unseen.

During a recent conversation I was informed of a mutual friend who changed careers ,midlife, and was now an restaurateur.  While sharing the person began to question the motives and sanity of our mutual friend’s decision to leave a “good job”  and  their qualifications to run a restaurant.  I  smiled and sipped my tea as I listened. Knowing that it was not out of concern but  uneasiness that my fellow tea drinker was sharing this information. The reality is that many of us have reacted exactly as or similarly when we have heard news of mid-life mid-career changes.  Finding it difficult to accept  or witness others as  they take high risks and live from their passions in pursuit of individual happiness and success.

More often than not many of us have not explored freely our innate purpose, destiny and assignment or utilize our many talents, abilities and passions.  Why? because they were often minimized as a “passing fancy”, “hobby” , “not an appropriate  sufficient source for life maintenance” or simply circumstances lead us into another direction.  However, once we begin to reflect and evolve into your authentic self,  explore your real destiny and contribution, your talents, skills and abilities  along with a desire began to create and manifest what is necessary to support and secure it.  Revealing the superhero in you.

We all have been honored with a multiplicity of gifts, talents and abilities although, we may not share them with everyone we encounter (superhero). We often share based on the individuals or groups capacity level and need.  Just like our superhero, Clark Kent, was mild-mannered, almost unnoticeable until he needed to transform into superman.

So consider that a Pediatrician may also be a world-class violinist after-hours, or a minister.  A teacher may be a baker of fine pastries and delights. The friendly cashier maybe a shamanic healer or spiritual medium. Your summer camp counselor may be a parent, lawyer or craft wonderful wood carvings.  You hold the ability to destroy layers of hurt, pain, frustration and fear and revel your inner strength, wisdom and power (superhero) right inside you.

Don’t attempt to figure out, limit, control, covet, or envy the progression of others; just focus on identifying your gifts, talents and passions and access  your peace, confidence, joy, harmony,success and abundance.

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Time Really is on your side.©

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Late last year I came across an email, with a video clip about Iyanla Vanzant’s book” Peace from Broken Pieces”; her message spoke to me about the very situation I was experiencing at that time. So I did a bit of research and bought the book. I read the book and really connected with the content;I couldn’t believe how much of a mirror reflection our two lives were.I had been in social & business environments with her but had never read her books, watched her videos, I just was aware of what she did and was cordial. Folks had compared my style of sharing with her but I had never taken the time to learn about her. But when I did.. !!! It was at the right time when I need it. Our mutual friend later set up an opportunity for us to speak (which never happened due to scheduling issues) but I was ok with it. What was meant to be was.Time is not something that we can control but we can control the what we do in the time we are given by simply being open to receive from the Divine . The divine wanted me to hear that message (that I opened the wee hrs of morning) , divine wanted me to read the book, the Divine wanted me be affirmed in my life journey, become more actively awakened , as well prepare me for what is awaiting me.It’s not about timing its about what you do with that time that really matters. Manage your time and use it to make your life and those around you the best it can be. That is working to birth your vision, maintaining your destiny, manifesting and operating in your purpose, loving you, your loved ones and accepting new ones. Don’t waste it. USE your time wisely.


M. E. 2013 (excerpt from Upcoming book Free Flowing)



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Welcome to my blog this is where I share my thoughts, emotions, and writings from my books, plays, and life. 🙂  Sometimes its written in dialects, and other languages but remember its to embrace the inner me, the inner you and then share it with others.

I’m new to blogging  so be patient My goal is share daily and read daily for about 30 minutes a day.

Who am I?  I am revived entrepreneur; as a holistic Life and Spiritual coach, Minister, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Listener.  However , the meaning of my name says it all;  Efua is an Innovator and Bringer of Change.  I share intuitive insights , guided questions and support to client assisting them identifying, developing and implementing goals, strategies, to make the changes necessary to enhance their lives . I provides honest feedback and monitoring. Participants are always actively involved in the process which may include travel., lifestyle and financial development social modifications. Each participant is given unique support for their unique life. If you want coaching that has integrity and ethical management then contact Marrian Efua. Motto: Embrace, Innovate, Enlighten, Empower.