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YOUnique-TransFORMationby Marrian Efua

Great day all a moment of reflection: TRANSFORMATION
When we are being stretched, challenged uncertain and even a bit rattled about our journey our new beginnings our uncharted territory . We may have to take a break and get quiet . Yes! get quiet rest, listen to the sounds, watch the scenery and it may mean that someone has to go. Transformation means becoming new; New thoughts, New feelings, New environments , new language.  During Transformation our beliefs are challenged , attitudes are altered, emotions and memories will rise up, a bit of confusion and chaos are present. WHY? because its time to transform into the person you are authentically: GREATNESS, HONOR, BEAUTY, INTELLIGENT, ABUNDANT ,RESILENT.
YES! IT REALLY IS YOU ! don’t fight. We are being TRANSFORMED! hold on. While resting RELEASE and let go of the things we are thought was us .. Blame, anger, guilt, fear, old tapes of failures, mistakes, concepts, misplaced love and limiting language, personal property, and definitely the martyr syndrome. this I truly a difficult task but its not impossible. Let’s show #gratitude #faith #trust the divine presence ( spirit) WE CAN DO IT! WE HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO GET THROUGHT IT . Everyone will not understand its ok! YOUR TRANSFORMATION IS NOT THE SAME AS OTHERS wish them well an continue to transform.

Marrian Efua is a national Transformative Thought Strategist, Author and consultant.  Marrian Efua shares the message and lifestyle of Exponential Living with thousands of men and women across the globe; capturing audiences with humor, honesty and realistic strategies that transcend circumstances, situations and events. Marrian Efua seamlessly weaves life experience, empathy and passion within her topics as they innovate and enlighten individuals to the highest level of personal and professional success. She is equipped with a multiplicity of talents, skills, and knowledge of survival, reflection, perseverance and triumph.   Her motto: Embrace, innovate, enlighten and empower is the basis of your work that affects those who have the pleasure of interacting with her.  Marrian Efua  is the author of Not My Reality the Best Response to Fear & Limitation, Seeking Escape The Path to Personal Power and Raise the B.A.R. Basic Training for Exponential Living and the Chief Executive Innovator (CEI) and Founder of the Exponential Empowerment & Success Corp.