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  • Start your week with a blast of P.o.w.e.r. with Marrian Efua . Mondays at 9 am central The call about have work/life balance. 30 minutes of motivation, confirmation and affirmation for you. register for FREE at

    In January of this year, wrote an article on the 12 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast and it had over 20,000 shares on social media. Incredible.  

    And you know what they do? They wake up early. They plan out their day. Set their top priorities. Spend time with family. Clear their inbox. Write down what they’re grateful for. And they meditate to clear their minds.  

    Now listen – success doesn’t come by chance.  
    Success is very, very intentional. It’s about choosing a different life. Being willing to create new habits. Do the hard stuff.  

    And it’s so much easier when you have a coach, mentor or guide to help you create those Powerful Habits.  This is the inspiration for FREE POWER CALL  

    I want YOU to come party with ME every morning. I want you to wake up and create a New Reality. Get focused. Be inspired. Motivated. 

    I want to help you set your intention for your day. And then, I want to coach you and give you powerful actions for your day.  This is  free and valued at $150.00 .  



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