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Seeds for Success

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freedom Greetings of exponential success and peace,
  Summer, a powerful time of transformation on so many levels.  In nature the seedlings become plants and flowers that tickle our hearts, the blossoms become fruit we enjoy; and we are more energized and optimistic of the new day. Summer is also time to work ,nurture, build and prepare for the future.  Why not begin with you?

These transformations in nature do not occur overnight,and neither will ours. To experience and obtain transformation we must take a journey within and identify those personal habits, fears and expectations, behaviors and  limitations  that have followed us into our businesses, relationships and career; and restructure our belief systems.

This newsletter is to share with you how I can assist you in identifying the patterns and roots of those belief systems and facilitate the dissipation of the habitual dissonance and empower you to manifest and activate the right energy, strategies and focus to achieve your desired level of success and transformation.

To facilitate this process I am offering a complimentary webinar Thursday June 6  6pm Pst /7pm Mt/8pm C/9pm E and reintroducing my book Not My Reality Encouragement While Dancing in The Storm(ISBN: 9781475024159);follow the link for a discounted rate.

I look forward to meeting many of you again during the webinar;RAISING THE BAR FOR SUCCESS, get your copy of  NOT MY REALITY and schedule your free consultation with me.

Thank you for being a valued connection of Marrian Efua Enterprises.  You are greatly appreciated. A special shout out to all that have attended Living Exponentially On Purpose.  As always to speak directly with me please contact me  at 480-269-1038.

Continued exponential peace and success,


An Invitation from Marrian Efua
RAISE THE BAR FOR SUCCESSSuccess is not found in a sports drink, a pill or a salve. It is a result of our commitment  and diligence to

search internally to access the power, the knowledge and motivation to rise above the current state of condition success and put it into action.

This complimentary Webinar is designed to assist you in reaching the foundational level of building your ladder to exponential success.   Thursday, June 6, 2013
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Author Marrian Efua   
Not My Reality Encouragement While Dancing in the Storm 
Empowerment , Enlightenment and Self affirmation are the themes of Not My Reality  by Marrian Efua.  A simple yet powerful compilation of spiritual inspiration filled with intuitive insights, wisdom and affirmations.  It offers a code of conduct for self discovery, self liberation, thought transformation and acceptance of our true personal reality.  Reaffirming reader’s abilities to preserve, survive, thrive and dance through the situations, conditions and circumstances by recognizing and activating their innate and internal strength and power.

Marrian Efua  seamlessly weaves her life experience, empathy, innovation, enlightenment, and passion within her books, music, lectures and presentations nationally and globally inspiring individuals to their highest level of success and happiness.  Her Motto: Embrace, Innovate, Enlighten and Empower

Efua is Ghanian for Innovator, Bringer of Change  is what we provide.   Marrian Efua assists small businesses and individuals develop, implement  and manage transformation strategies for increased productivity, longevity and success.  
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