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Image Many of us have found ourselves feeling the same way the character does in the cartoon as a business owner.  We also often fail to create a plan of action to avoid the frequency of being stressed, overwhelmed or missing a deadline.  Instead we produce excuses about not having enough time to create a plan.  There is always time to invest in your investment we just have learn how to.

Time management is more than knowing the date and time; its about understanding the value and power of time.  Proper time management will eliminate many of the shortcomings and myths that prevent business owners from enjoying success and happiness.  Becoming organized and managing your time will decrease, if not eliminate the frequency of errors, missed deadlines, and burn out.  Your clients, customers and colleagues need to know that they can depend on you to get the task done.  Time management allows you to Invest in your greatest asset -Y-O-U and your reputation.

So here are few helpful hints :

  1. Get a calendar and actually use it.  Make sure that you can write down/type in  every appointment, fun event,anniversary, payment due date, birthday, Work out time; any activity. Also include your social media and email time
  2. Create a daily  “to do ” or  Task List.  Look at it throughout the day.
  3. Develop a system that prioritizes the events.  Lunch with a client or potential client ranks higher than chatting with a store clerk about the weather.
  4. Review and revise: take a few minutes, 3-5 minutes, to make sure you are aware of what needs to be done and deliver.
  5. Ask for help, delegate and be flexible.
  6. Commit to completing steps 1-5

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Marrian Efua is an Author, Business, Life and Spiritual Transformation, Innovation,and Management Coach, Educator, Performer, Minister, and Radio Host. She has shares her candid straight talk infused with spiritual and motivational encouragement, nationally assisting others in accessing and developing themselves personally and professionally.  Marrian is also a HIV/AIDS,  domestic violence and gender oppression advocate.