Our responsibility after DR. KING ©

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Today is Dr. Martin Luther Kings actual date of birth 83 years. No, he was never  a captive in the institution of slavery.  No, he didn’t write the Emancipation proclamation; despite the fact many young students believe so . (that’s because many don’t  share history display it) and many schools are closed on the legal holiday .   But Dr.Martin Luther  KING was a MAN dedicated to his natural and spiritual assignment.  A MAN who wanted change –got it but was not able to spell out all the needed results. So his request for “freedom to ring from every mountain side” was heard and allowed but is seldom answered.

So celebrate the dream but create the reality of Liberation .  We are all aware more so than ever that living next to someone, working for/with someone, Studying/Learning with them, marrying someone, singing with someone, talking to someone or being on a team with someone ; means nothing if you don’t mean  or intend it to be a honest act and contributes to the creation and maintenance of global liberation and equity.  Recognize that CHANGE is still needed but this time it must happen from within not from external. The power of the innate spirit of life is in all of us .

What is your real intent and motivation to recognize the MAN that stayed focused, hurt, bled, talked to encourage and promote us to do the same today against the injustices that continue to exist. Maybe one day we will be able to really celebrate not only Dr. King’s birth but also the reality of real liberation for those Black African decent.

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