Month: August 2012


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We have completed the task of writing a book. We really believe that we have captured and effectively communicated the concepts and ideas that will lead others to their path of enlightenment. But  how do we get the book to them?  Choosing the appropriate method of promotion is key.   Do we submit a manuscript and proposal to the  major publishing houses with the hope that they will reach our targeted audience. or do we development a marketing plan of our own and use the on demand print company? Believe it or not you have to make an even greater decision.. that is to identify your targeted audience.  Sure it sounds easy. but its not.  Knowing your audience is so important. Which category do we fall under,new age,inspiration,spiritual thoughts or religion?  These are all decisions that have to be made.  This all depends on the audience. If you want to attracts a certain “sect”you make want your book in the religious category.  Consider who your audience is based on your message and the intended result of it.  Just because you’ve written about “the gospel ” doesn’t mean that religious readers are the best audience it may mean that theorists or scholars are?   Take time out to really determine the best fit for you book and its message.  Be clear of your message major bookstores and publishing houses expect you to know your audience and why your book is worth the investment.  After all, the goal is to share what you have written with those who are seeking and wanting to know it.

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