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I’m searching, I am Searching for the real me.  I have accepted every definition and image of who everyone has said and expected me to be.  I have complied without complaint ,  shown restraints despite the revolt the was present inside of me. I AM searching.  Searching to develop a plan that I understand how I got here,why I’m here and most importantly why in hell are here.  You don’t contribute anything to my life outside of a verbal lashing of “do’s” and “don’ts” and then tell and the things you are willing to do and won’t.  I am searching to find the place where my real name is ME not some tittle that others apply to make me be who they want me to be…..Mama,  girl , sista, wife, teacher, writer, author, singer, advocate, lover, friend, student, doctor, minister.  I’m searching .  I AM searching to find the divine place of existence that resonates within the walls of my knowing that affirms that  I AM all yet nothing.  That  I AM ME exclusively in the purist, organic form. Void from the persona that is a reaction to words, people, circumstance and situation.  THE ME that I AM .  ME with no additives, no preservatives no fillers JUST ME  … I AM  SEARCHING.    I AM  searching for the force that keep me in focus,  I AM  Searching   AH!  I AM.   I AM because the I AM IS.

I am beautiful /handsome

I am intelligent

I am peace

I am love


I am healed

I am a whole person

I am worthy of Love

I am worthy of respect

I am courageous

I am strength

I am discipline

I am forgiveness

I am success

I am truth ( I AM SEARCHING )

I am wisdom

I am talented

I am creative

I am patient

I am change

I am reciprocity

I am stability

I am aligned with God the creator of all creations

I am exactly what the creator designed me to be.

I am the creator of my reality I have chosen abundance, liberation, and sharing of the same.  I live in the highest divine truth, love and grace.  All that is me and around me is in perfect order. The place where I am is where I should be. I am a host to God.  So it is, it is done.  I HAVE DISCOVERED ME©

An excerpt from NOT MY REALITY ENCOURAGEMENT WHILE DANCING IN THE STORM© (ISBN #  978-1475024159 by #MarrianEfua

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