Month: April 2012


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Welcome to my blog this is where I share my thoughts, emotions, and writings from my books, plays, and life. 🙂  Sometimes its written in dialects, and other languages but remember its to embrace the inner me, the inner you and then share it with others.

I’m new to blogging  so be patient My goal is share daily and read daily for about 30 minutes a day.

Who am I?  I am revived entrepreneur; as a holistic Life and Spiritual coach, Minister, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Listener.  However , the meaning of my name says it all;  Efua is an Innovator and Bringer of Change.  I share intuitive insights , guided questions and support to client assisting them identifying, developing and implementing goals, strategies, to make the changes necessary to enhance their lives . I provides honest feedback and monitoring. Participants are always actively involved in the process which may include travel., lifestyle and financial development social modifications. Each participant is given unique support for their unique life. If you want coaching that has integrity and ethical management then contact Marrian Efua. Motto: Embrace, Innovate, Enlighten, Empower.